Connected Care Solutions

Actionable Insights and Reminders Make All the Difference

Make timely decisions with the right patient health insights, patterns, and critical data with Connected Care Solutions. Increased discharge rates, reduced testing, and increased patient health outcomes are inevitable with the power to deliver the right treatments at the right time.

Connected Care Solutions

The data generated in the process of medical care has historically not just been underused, it has been wasted. (American Thoracic Society, 2013)
The optimum potential of critical care databases has remained largely unexplored and underdeveloped in the 21st century. Intensive Care Units, Emergency Rooms, and Operating Rooms lack the incorporation of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools that can deliver key insights into treatment practices for critical care. A deficiency resulting in high treatment variability, stagnant treatment success rates, and major inefficiencies in hospital administration.
Meet CoMeT ConnectTM, your critical data analyst

CoMeT ConnectTM, our all-in-one Connected Care Solution, collects medical device data and provides rapid insights for physicians and nurses. Equipped with simple graphs revealing critical trends and variations on patient health.

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CoMeT ConnectTM’s Features


CoMeT ConnectTM is built for easy access and mobility. Now a wealth of secure patient data right is at your fingertips with our mobile app CritiBot.

AI-driven insights

Instantly learn where patients need your attention with CoMeT’s insights. Tailored to provide immediate response in critical care.

Sepsis detection

CoMet is enabled to identify and alert any threat of sepsis in patients using data from 42,000 inpatient encounters and 32+ million data points.


CoMeT’s deep arrhythmia detection and prediction mechanisms are trained to catch instances of arrhythmia from a feed of over 50,000 ECG images every day.

Criticality Index

CoMeT’s 3-6 hour Patient Mortality Assessment crunches all the numbers that matter and notifies when the patient is in the clear.

Self-learning System

CoMeT keeps learning and refining analysis from each patient case to give you the optimal level of care.

Why Use CoMeT ConnectTM?

  • Reduce patient readmission rates.
  • Reduce unnecessary testing and laboratory costs for patients.
  • Increase patient discharge rates.
  • Improve critical care success outcomes with data-driven decisions.
  • Assist hospitals with improving their Total Performance Scores (TPS) to avail incentives under Medicare’s Value-Based Purchasing Program (VBP).