Our mission

Empowering all people everywhere to live their healthiest lives by transforming the healthcare experience

AURA Health was founded on a simple, yet revolutionary idea: that everyone should have access to the best healthcare, anywhere in the world on their terms. Today, we're delivering on our mission by providing whole-person virtual care that includes primary care, mental health, chronic condition management and more.

Our vision

Our vision is to make virtual care the first step on any healthcare journey

We're creating a truly unified and personalized consumer experience; developing technologies to connect to patients and extend the reach of care providers; delivering the highest standard of clinical quality at every touchpoint; and enhancing health decisions and outcomes with smart data and actionable insights.

Guided by our shared values

AURA health is a virtual care solutions provider backed by an expert panel of experienced healthcare professionals dedicated to simplify care delivery and management to improve outcomes on both the patient and the provider ends. We are passionate about engaging the urban and rural health systems with our physician led remote care solutions model to empower patients, caregivers and enterprises to shift from traditional medical practice to patient-centred care with highly customisable digital health technology.

Our proprietary technology – UNICA (US patent pending) has numerous applications in remote monitoring and connected health markets. AURA’s connected care ecosystem is shaped by an interdisciplinary team of clinicians, investors, connected care technology experts and strategy advisors dedicated to innovate, create and offer digital solutions that are compatible with the ever changing healthcare environment.

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