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As a digital health solution provider, we strive to constantly adapt to the evolving healthcare environment. We understand the need to empower and encourage patients, caregivers, and enterprises to shift from traditional medical practice to patient-centred care. Aiding this transformation is our FHIR/SMART powered platform providing solutions that integrate and enhance healthcare interoperability across various applications, systems and devices. Our aim is to deliver accurate solutions that are designed with values, care and trust. Through our solutions, we are determined to bring better patient outcomes, valuable physician and hospital service, and reduced workload in other levels of healthcare staff services. Our mission is to provide unparalleled quality services in the technical, clinical and operational spheres of the healthcare industry while delivering care beyond the traditional institutional practice.

As a Full-service Partner - Simplifying Remote Patient Monitoring

Chronic diseases require daily management and limiting it to hospitals and clinics could result in inadequate care. Our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) tools enable patients to manage their health constantly from any location. Simplifying Remote Patient Monitoring improves patient health outcomes, increases patient engagement with their various points of care and overall clinician patient management.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

UNICA, our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platform, helps clinics provide the right care with seamless patient-clinician engagement leading to lower patient readmissions.


Connected Care Solutions

Meet CoMet- CTA
CoMet ConnectTM, our Connected Care Solution, captures data from a range of intensive care units to help hospitals make more informed decisions. Increase patient discharge and improve overall patient health outcomes with this service.

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